Is it time for you to start afresh, create and develop a new career, follow a new life path, make a difference in your own or someone else’s life?

Have you always felt that there was something more for you to do, more for you to experience?

We all have a purpose in life, a reason for being here. Do you know what your purpose in life is?

Not only do we offer and deliver first class professional vocational training, we also provide personal and spiritual development courses, workshops, online courses, articles, ebooks and audios to enable our members and learners to make the changes they need in order to grow and develop professionally, personally and spiritually.


We offer VTCT Courses in Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thermal Auricular Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and PTLLS.


We offer a range of opportunities to encourage, motivate, uplift, inspire, and even challenge you to do and be the very best you can be personally and spiritually.


The Full Spectrum Meetup Group is fostering a strong community atmosphere that contributes to a positive life path through interactive and engaging events on a daily basis.









We offer accredited professional training in Stress Management, Reiki, Animal Reiki and Sound Therapy.


CPPD workshops enable you to keep skills up to date, enabling you to demonstrate you have the mark of a true professional.


This is what we do, enabling growth professionally, personally and spiritually.









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Unlike many other training centres’ our support doesn’t end when you have finished your course. We offer all of our learners lifetime support!



We also offer a Website Design & Hosting Service so that you can become more productive and effective at home and at work whist maintaining focus on the important things in all aspects of your life.



Our online store offers for sale a wide range of personal and spiritual development products including ebooks and audio’s.


The Full Spectrum Centre™ can help you change your life. Whether you would like to improve your personal or professional life, we can help you achieve your goals.

Joining The Full Spectrum Centre™ is the key to the door of opportunity; the chance to work with us, to take the journey through this lifetime with the love and support you deserve.

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